Extract and analyze data from Strava profiles

Strava is a Community-Powered site where users can track their athletic activities and connect with other athletes. With this prebuilt workflow, you can extract and analyze data from Strava profiles automatically, making it easier to understand and organize athletic data. The extracted data can be exported to a spreadsheet, saved directly to Google Sheets or Airtable, or integrated into custom workflows using API integration. This solution simplifies the process of gathering and utilizing athletic data, without requiring any coding.

You need to provide the following:

- A list of URLs of Strava profile pages

Jsonify extracts the following information for you:

- Name

- Activity Type

- Distance

- Duration

- Pace

- Elevation Gain

- Calories Burned

- Heart Rate

- Achievements

- Friends

By analyzing this data, you can gain insights into your athletic performance, track your progress, and connect with other athletes on Strava.