Extract and analyze TED Talk data from ted.com

TED.com is a website that features a collection of inspiring and informative TED Talks on various topics. To make it easier for you to gather and analyze data from these talks, Jsonify offers a prebuilt workflow.

You can provide a list of TED Talk URLs from ted.com, and our workflow will automatically extract key information from each talk. This includes details such as the speaker's name, the title of the talk, the duration, the date it was published, and a brief description.

Once the data is extracted, you can export it in different formats, such as a spreadsheet, or save it directly to Google Sheets or Airtable. This allows you to analyze and organize the TED Talk data efficiently, without the need for any coding.

By using this workflow, you can easily access and make use of the valuable insights and knowledge shared in TED Talks, helping you stay informed and inspired.