Extract and monitor new job listings on Indeed.com

Indeed.com is a popular job search website that offers a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. However, with so many job listings, it can be overwhelming to keep track of new postings and find the right job for you.

Jsonify's prebuilt workflow simplifies this process by automatically extracting job listings from Indeed.com.

To use this workflow, you simply need to provide a search URL on Indeed.com. The AI will gather important details such as job title, company name, location, job type, description, requirements, salary range, benefits, and the application link.

Once the job listings are extracted, you can export the data in different formats, such as a spreadsheet, or save it directly to Google Sheets or Airtable. You can also set up a monitor to track new job postings, identify trends in the job market, and stay informed about opportunities with your preferred companies. This can be extremely helpful for job seekers, career advisors, and HR professionals looking to stay updated on job opportunities.

Jsonify extracts the following details for you:

- Job Title

- Company Name

- Location

- Job Type

- Description

- Requirements

- Salary Range

- Benefits

- Application Link