Extract and validate HTML code from websites using the W3C validator

This prebuilt workflow allows you to extract and validate the HTML code of websites using the W3C validator. The W3C validator is a tool that checks the syntax and structure of HTML code to ensure it follows the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). By using this workflow, you can automatically extract the HTML code from websites and validate it to identify any errors or issues.

To use this workflow, you simply need to provide the URL of the website you want to validate. The W3C validator will then analyze the HTML code and provide a report highlighting any errors or warnings. This information can be useful for web developers and designers to ensure their websites are compliant with HTML standards and to fix any issues that may affect the performance or accessibility of the site.

The W3C validator can also generate a structured output, such as JSON or CSV, which can be easily exported and analyzed. This allows you to track and monitor the HTML code quality of multiple websites over time, making it easier to identify and address any recurring issues.

Overall, this workflow simplifies the process of extracting and validating HTML code, helping you ensure the quality and compliance of websites with minimal effort or coding required.