This template monitors Hetzner server listings, so you'll never miss a great deal.

Extract and monitor latest Hetzner server listings easily.

This prebuilt workflow helps you get all the details you need from Hetzner's server listings without any hassle. It grabs important info like server types, prices, and specs quickly. Just give it the Hetzner server listing URL, and Jsonify will collect all the key details for you, like what servers are available, how much they cost, and their features.

Why is this useful?

  • Choose the right server by comparing different options.

  • Keep an eye on server prices and availability.

  • Plan better with up-to-date server info.

  • Easily put server data into Google Sheets for more analysis.

  • Use Zapier to set up alerts or automatic tasks based on the server info you get.

  • Keep your Airtable databases updated with the latest server listings.

You need to only provide:

  • A search URL on Hetzner — we've provided a sample one below!

Jsonify extracts these for you:

  • Server name

  • Specs

  • Price

  • Link