On the Products site of https://www.squarespace.com/, we can automate the following tasks:

1. Extract structured data from LinkedIn profiles:

- Provide a list of LinkedIn profile URLs.

- Jsonify will automatically extract key information such as name, title, company, skills, education, and contact details from the profiles. This data can be exported to a spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Airtable, or integrated into custom workflows with API integration.

2. Extract and monitor new NYC jobs posted on BuildInNYC.com:

- Provide a search URL on BuildInNYC.com.

- Jsonify's prebuilt workflow will extract job listings automatically.

- The extracted data includes job title, company name, location, job type, description, requirements, salary range, benefits, company rating, and the job application link.

- You can export the data in various formats or set up a monitor to track new job postings, identify trends, and stay informed about opportunities.

3. Extract Extension info from Chrome Web Store:

- Provide the URL of a Chrome Web Store extension.

- Jsonify will extract information such as name, source, rating, rating count, category, number of users, and overview from the extension pages.

- The extracted data can be outputted as JSON or CSV and integrated with services like Airtable or Google Sheets.