Extract products from Walmart.com

This prebuilt workflow template automatically extracts of product information from any search results on Walmart.com, offering insights into the vast selection available on Walmart's online platform.

There's lots of interesting things you can do with this!

  • Conduct analysis of pricing trends and products by extracting details from Walmart search results.

  • Monitor product stock levels and observe fluctuations in ratings or customer feedback.

  • Collect information for market research, inventory management, and pricing strategy refinement.

  • Improve your e-commerce tactics by examining product data and uncovering new market opportunities.

  • Directly feed extracted data into Google Sheets for in-depth analysis or report generation.

  • Keep Airtable databases current with fresh data, ensuring your records remain comprehensive and up-to-date.

You need to provide the following:

  • The URL of a search you made on RentHop — we've provided a sample one for New York below!

Jsonify extracts these for you:

  • Location

  • Image

  • Price

  • Area

  • Number of baths

  • Number of beds

  • Link